Pranayama ,the practice of breath control has many significant advantages.It calms down the nerves, cleanses them and improves the circulation of vital prana in the system.Practising regularly kriyas like sudarshan kriya as taught by the art of living foundation is an excellent way to clear blocks by troublesome karma.

Pranayama is not just hyperventilation as understood by many novices.It is a deep study of the relationship between time and consciousness.When the breath is regulated, biological time can be suspended and manipulated.

Kriya yoga as propounded by the gr88 yogi of the Himalayas babaji and taught by the yogada satsang is an extrodinary way of escaping the clutches of karma.One does not escape paying for past debts but atleast they get cleared up..i.e paid off with little intrest.

Both pranayama and kriya yoga depend on the ability of the sadhak to feel and sense prana a difficult job for every commercial mind! But given enough persistence it becomes relatively easy to detect the movement of prana in the system.

Kriya is literally 'doing' hence every job particularly every repetitive job should be considered kriya yoga when the result or fruits of labour are forgotten and satisfaction is got from doing the job well then kriya yoga is being done!. Doing kriya after a fresh intake of homoeopathy is a very effective way ,cause homoeopathy is prana in a bottle!