Introduction Of The Microcosm

In order to understand consciousness, its working and properties, I have assumed the following points:

  • The universe and all it contains is systematically organized and it is possible to understand its functioning.
  • The universe can be delineated into two main parts i.e the microcosm and the macrocosm, to facilitate comprehension.
  • The two parts are interrelated and coordinated. i.e As above so below, As within so without.
  • The common causative factor for both the areas is consciousness, working & portrayed on an invisible screen.

As I was born and bought up in an Indian Hindu family, most of my experiences are correlated to the hindu belief system. But as Dr.Richard Feynman puts it so succinctly: Similar problems have similar solutions.

The Hindu belief system can be understood by appreciating the following beliefs:

  • An omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient field exists, pervading the entire universe and it is called Brahman – the over Soul-Godhead.
  • The above differentiates itself into localized exsistences having all its properties and are called jiva atman or the individual soul.
  • The various schools of thought hypothesize many other factors like prakriti, purusha etc which are not really required!
  • The jiva atman is embodied in various disguises like the galaxies, the stars, the planets, human beings, various living creatures and all matter.
  • Despite these various possibilities, it is assumed that the human form is the best apparatus to allow the full flowering of its abilities.
  • After having transcended the lower categories of exsistance, it reaches the state of a human being and in this it is possible to further evolve acting as a localized expression of a planet, a star or even a galaxy.
  • Hence it is understood that the jiva atman came down from the source falling into denser and denser levels of matter and that it will retrace the path back to the highest expression while in the physical human body!
  • Because of this process of evolution, a power hierarchy exists and the various deities of the hindu pantheon are parts of this, acting in various capacities, not always toward the same goal.
  • The human body, hereinafter referred to as the microcosm has been examined and has revealed the existance of the jiva atman- the daily ritual of sandhya vandanam is to be practiced to experience this. Further its organs, nerve plexuses, individual specialized cells have been classified and correlated with the various parts of the macrocosm i.e the universe, like the five element theory, the seven levels of the universe, the planets etc.
  • The Conciousness of the jiva atman is sheathed in various kosas , literally meaning sheaths, each denser than the last, finally ending in the physical body.
  • The jiva atman is evolutioning through the various bodies using the process of reincarnation.
  • The microcosm can be roughly divided into three main areas: the physical-bhur loka-perineal body-venus, the emotional- bhuva loka-adrenal glands / coccyx-mars and the mental spheres-suvaha loka-liver / spleen-jupiter-ultimate conscious expression coexisting within. The mental sphere is further sub-divided into mahaha-heart-sun,janaha-thyroid-mercury,tapaha-pineal gland & hypothalmus-moon and satyam-pituitary gland-saturn-individual star. Higher state exist in the cerebellum representing the galaxy
  • From bhur to tapaha is believed to be under the influence of the planets, satyam under the influence of the individual's star, after having crossed saturnian influence and the higher states as the galaxy.
  • XIV. Sadhana consists of integrating the conciousness of the lower states upto tapaha into satyam and from satyam to the higher state of the galaxy.

Sadhana involves integrating all the various bits and pieces of consciousness back into one complete whole. Many methods are available to achieve this. Sudarshan Kriya as taught by Shri Ravi Shanker , the art of living courses, is an excellent starting point. After that a comprehensive belief system which explains and can be utilized everyday providing measurable results is necessary. Most methods and or belief systems usually stipulate many complicated and not directly implementable techniques, leading to dissatisfaction and finally failure to achieve the goal. The methods I have outlined are practical and usually need an initial small effort with cumulative benefits. Usually more than one method is required and many times simultaneous application gives the best results. The following chapters are some of the methods I have been using. Be cautioned, I too am on the path…..the goal is just visible on the horizon!