The Healing Sciencies have been both an art and a science for Humanity. That much progress has been made by reasoning and an experiment based approach cannot be disputed. But allopathy does not have all the answers!! An allopath is little different from a soldier in his approach to holistic healing. Healing should take into account the entire organism and then treat it.not just the physical component. Both homoeopathy and energy systems like pranic healing have this idea in mind when looking at a patient. Unfortunaly both have not yet achieved mainstream status as yet. But then, both are very young. The ancient subject of the hindus on healing is called ayurveda and is quite comprehensive but takes years to master under the carefull guidance of a guru.

At the outset let me mention that "Homoeopathy is Prana in a bottle!". Dr.Hahneman's bold approach led him to formulate the basic principle of homoeopathy: 'Similia Similibus Curanter'. Dr.Scussler's studies led to the discovery of the decimal titratution. Dr.John Kent and Dr.Boerike have made immeasurable contributions and have compiled both a comprehensive materia medica and a repertory. But a study of standard text books like Gray's anatomy, Guyton's physiology, Baron's psychology, Biochemistry and allopathic pharmacology are also necessary to give a complete picture prior to prescribing homoeopathic remedies based on Classical provings.

A retired principal of a reputed homoeopathic college introduced me to the subject. In a few years I was able to study about 850 remedies in various potencies starting from mother tincture all the way to CM. Besides this my guru, Shri P.Venkateswara Sharma was kind enough to teach me pranic healing as outlined by Master Sawakashi. The first thing I realized was that homoeopathic potencies were basically forms of prana!

During the days of experimenting with homoeopathy a striking incident occurred.I was using "CROCODILE 6X", a little known remedy made by a company in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. I had imbibed it for a few days, when one day I was sitting in a small restaurant and having tea. A family came along and sat at the table next to me. They were a grandfather, a mother and her six year old daughter. The child was staring at me and I realized that somebody was looking at me. So I turned around and a few moments later while I was still looking at her, she turned to her mother and said : " CROCODILE!!". Her mother calmly nodded her head in agreement. The grandfather, obviously besotted with his grand daughter immediately said " and u are a penguin!", laughing happily. I was thunder struck! I wondered if I had heard right. But I could still hear them talking clearly.they were just one and half foot away from me. I left in a dizzy state.

The Theosophical society's books ( Col A.E. Powell) had mentioned about the higher bodies of living creatures and I was familiar with my guru's research on the pineal gland. From these I was able to deduce :

  • that we do have higher bodies,
  • that homoeopathy affects them
  • that children and some women can see them clearly!
  • That a lot of men do not have sufficient training to use their pineal gland as it was intended!

That this was the ultimate goal of homnoeopathy: to set man free once again!

A healer should not concern himself only with physical disease but with all the problems besetting his patient.in all walks of life: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual etc. Classical homoeopathy's approach to treat the patient on the basis of general and peculiar provings of the various remedies will prove to be a limitation when seen from this view point. Biochemic Remedies are one step closer to the goal..but a comprehensive system will use traditional allopathic knowledge of the body's working, classical homoeopathy's emotional and mental symptoms of the higher bodies from astral all the way to the causal, mother tincture and biochemic decimal potencies for physical and etheric body deficiencies and a deeper understanding of the individuals belief system, based on the individual's horoscope like ayurveda does.

So the general approach should follow a pattern as follows:

  • aa) Study the person, trying to understand his belief system, his emotional and mental status, his medical history, his genetic dispositions, his daily routine .Note down the symptoms in his own words, to meditate on later. Get as accurate as possible, his birth data and draw up a horoscope. Before treatment the person normally responds to Sidereal astrology and at the end of treatment should respond to Tropical astrology Using programs like ASTROLOG will allow u to easily see the same horoscope from a heliocentric view point!
  • bb) If there is no immediate danger, then start him on FIVE PHOS 6X ,initially once a week, slowly week by week increasing to five times a week ,once a day max five tabs. Advise him to report every week, to drink plenty of water and to use a good comprehensive multivitamin/multimineral tablet once a day (Wyeth's Centrum is an excellent choice). Soon a homoeopathic aggravation will result, at which point reduce the dosage to the last week's and continue despite the aggravation. For comprehensive permanent results the process has to continue for atleast two and a half years!Decimal dilutions are primarily nutritive in function.
  • cc) Advise him to use a hair oil with Arnica,Cantharis,Brahmi,& if necessary Jaborandi atleast twice a week.Cantharis improves the sheathing of the nerves and hence conduction velocity and signal integrity.It reduces cross talk!.
  • dd)At the weekly consultation, check his status and prescribe appropriate centesimal remedies usually at the 200 potency. On that day he should desist from five phos and alcohol.Centesimal Dilutions are primarily catalytic in function, similar to present day vaccinations.

As I have previously pointed out using classical homoeopathic approach only, is a limitation.understand that at the 200C potency and higher the persons belief system can be changed resulting in permanent cure ..even from onerous karma! Hence a vast repertoire is unnecessary.

It is said in the ancient hindu writings, particularly the "Pursha Sukhta" that 22 sticks of sound fire constitute the Kala Purusha. Hence a repertoire of well chosen 22 remedies is usually sufficient to cover the entire spectrum facing the healer! Ocassionally it may be necessary to use others too! The 22 remedies will depend on the healer's horoscope and need not be same for every healer.

The following remedies have been used by me regularly:

  • Five Phos: A basic nutritive.helps to correct assimilation problems.
  • Selenium: The man with the Iron Hammer.Represents thymus and earth.Improves the white blood cells and consequently imunity.
  • Lachesis: Contains copper primarily and represents Rahu.
  • Argentum Nitrate: Works on the pituitary and pineal complex.Usefull for removing calcium deposits from the pineal gland.
  • Thiosinaminum: derived from mustard oil, is a strong anti-circutare agent.was revealed to me by a venerable old man.he was 98 at that time and he had used it many times in a certain way to create a stable picture of health even at that age.It activates the thyroid's maintanence activities and hence improves the system." Nothing is Wasted!".
  • Zincum Met: Is usefull when the person is exhausted and is unable to cope with stress of daily routine.It reduces wear & tear.Improves the production of new cells from marrow..stem cells?
  • Carbo Veg: is very usefull for all problems of the gastrointestinal system.
  • Calcarea Phos: is releated to the moon and mind.is usefull for clearing the calcium deposits in the pineal.
  • Bryonia: Is a very useful remedy in problems of the rectum.
  • Anacardium Occidentalis: Is very usefull for problems with adrenal system..ie Mars.
  • Sulpher: to be used with caution as it brings out the latent problems.Is usefull for detoxification.
  • Phosphorus: is usefull for correcting problems of the liver and billary ducts.Also for clearing stubborn calcium deposits in the pineal.
  • Cuprum Metallicum: represents Venus in the system and affects the entire brain structure.
  • Magnesia phos: affects the liver and improves gall bladder secretions.
  • Kali phos:Is usefull for the nerves and heart.
  • Ferum phos: improves the red blood cells and bone marrow.
  • Calcarea Carb: improves the function of the spleen.
  • Silicia: The homoepathic surgeons Knife!
  • Flouricum acidum: is useful for activating the para thyroid glands.
  • Graphites: a good remedy for detoxification of the entire system.Improves the general tone of the system.
  • Arsenic Album: maintains the system under immense stress.
  • Belladona: Usefull for issues of the head.
  • Pulsatila: very usefull for profound grief and ancient painfull memories.
  • Bartya Carb: The stone mason.
  • Agaricus M: excellent for many problems of the brain.
  • Platina: usefull for problems of the ego.
  • Chamamomile: Good for problems of the liver and gall bladder.


  • Nux Vomica: as is well knonw, the greatest polycrest!
  • Camphora: Antidotes almost all organic remedies.
  • Ignatia: a womans remedy.


Alfa Alfa, Sterculia,Arnica,Jaborandi,Jasmine,Brahmi,Cantharis etc.

From the above it should be obvious that all people are pretty much similar and that a small number of medicines can be used to bring about a stable condition reasonably rapidly.Remedies at the higher potencies are to be used with utmost caution as the results are not immediately visible.Remedies at CM potency affect the star/Soul it self.and the concept in many circles that finding that single medicine will automatically correct all defects is not completely true.

I prefer Dr.John Taylor Kent's view that each individual is composed of many layers and that each layer has to be PEELED OFF /CORRECTED/RATIONALISED before treating the next one.It is true that the Star/Soul will have to be finally treated but finding that single remedy normally takes years of effort.and without adequate preparation is futile. This concept also proves the Christian theological idea of "Original Sin!".

Understand the individual as composed of an inner source of light, which is covered by many layers/sheaths, each of different densities and individual properties. So when all have been correctly rectified, the light shines forth!This proves the Hindu Concept of "Antar Atmane""god as the innermost soul-soul of the soul"is true! See Osho's book "The sun behind the sun behind the sun".

It should also be understood that the healer will not be using the same remedies all his life..as he himself progresses, his inclination for using particular remedies will keep changing.particularly relevant will be the vimshotari dasa, progression and the aspects to the natal horoscope by transiting planets..ie gochara!.

The periodicity of homoeopathic medicines makes it easy for compliance of treatment for the patientbut sometimes in men it may not be present..then it is easy to establish it by piercing the left ear and wearing some ear ringi.e The so called "IDA nadi " is activated and the periodicity of the woman in the man is used to achieve the final goal automatically.

It should also be remembered that the last 100 years have seen an explosion in the physical sciences and organic and biochemistry are not lagging..today allopathy has a vast range of medically usefull chemicals which have not been converted and proved as per homoeopathic principles..so consider this an invitation! A CALL TO ARMS! Death to ignorance!.

The concept of purity makes so much trouble to people on the path of sadhana.what is required is not purity per se but a neutral standpointlike brazing of metals by an oxy acetleyene torch can be done with three flames..

  • oxidising flame
  • reducing flame
  • Neutral Flame.

This neutral flame is literally the state of consciousness to be achieved..when done it initially leads to net zero and over a period of time to gross zero of the karma phala.

Caution: Only a rectified,stable individual with correct birth data, should take up homoeopathic proving.Otherwise the results would be murky and useless!

A final worda good homoeopath considers no man his enemy and treats all with the conviction : "Forgive Them FatherThey know not the truth".