1.How does Astrohomoeopathy work?

A, The art and science of astrohomoeopathy works on the principle of similia simlibus curanter ie like cures like.based on the horoscope and your details, the remedies are chosen and prepared, tailor made for your particular problem.

2.What is homoeopathic aggravation?

A. Homoeopathic aggravation is the reaction produced in the body due to intake of the homoeo remedy.it is minor and goes away shortly......but the remedies are to be continued for the prescribed time.

3.How to get the remedies?

A. We will provide the tailor made remedies and poastage at actuals will be charged except for india(Postage free).

4.What all problems are taken up?

A. All karmic situations can be resolved but we do not prescribe for medical ailments and a proper certified medical professional advice is required.

please note further questions will be added depending on the response from public.