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Disclaimer & Limitation of Liability: All material in this study is presented as an effort to document and synthesize personal experiences and findings. These experiences are based mainly on my meditations and study efforts. Hence are completely subjective. Further there were no controls for any of the experiments conducted and hence unreliable are the results and may not be repeatable. All illness are to be treated under the care and control of qualified medical professionals only! Further provings of homoeopathic remedies are to be done under the guidance of qualified homoepathic practitioners only. The initial results of the practice of Astanga Yoga, japa, pranayama and travel in the inner worlds can be distressing experiences and to be done only under the guidance of experienced guides. The results and extrapolations outlined in this study are liable to change on the basis of new data, information, knowledge etc. No liability expressed or implied is assumed by me or anybody connected with this endeavour.

Usefullness of this Book: Sadhana like many things in the universe can be described as a process of (3+1) stages.Unless u have spent sufficient time and effort studying and understanding the same topics covered here at least at level 1, u will find this book unsatisfactory. Though I do have some info regarding stage 3, I am unwilling to discuss it in the public domain.