The butterfly effect ,an element of chaos theory is observed in a sensitive system like the weather systems on planet earth or the human body or the universe. It has been observed that a small change can produce a very large effect in the system after just a short while. This is the theory behind the use of precious& semi precious stones, metals, roots and other parts of herbs & plants as ornaments and talismans by the hindus and other communities.

A talisman can be created in many ways and can have many different uses. The objects mentioned above are used to create talismans. But even strips of paper written with holy verses are used to produce similar effects. Further a thought form can be embedded to produce the desired effect. I have studied the effect of various precious, semi precious stones & metals in an effort to condition my conciousness ….to achieve a modicum of control over my life.

The standard recommendations found in many books were the starting point of my journey but along the way I found that there are many similarities produced by the talismans irrespective of the person's belief system, conditioning, circumstances etc. This led me to believe that this was because of the similarity of the human body. It is primarily the nature of the mind which brings the talismans into effect. That stones of a particular colour and most importantly of a particular chemical property have effects which can be correlated with the functions of the planets and of the human organs was the most important finding. Rings and lockets are usually made of gold, silver, copper or sometimes pancha loha- five metal alloy with the stones inset into them.

There are various methods used by the astrologers. Usually for hindus two stones are recommended for each of the 27 asterisms occupied by the moon at birth..i.e for swathi- a rahu star: a gomedh and a pearl are recommended. To be used for life! Then others use stones correleating to those planets which position the individual as the sun in his horoscope. Prof Krishnamurthi recommends using the stone of the planet which is in the star of the planet occupying or owning the eleventh bhava.

Another school uses stones for Saturn on the left hand, index finger, slowly increasing the carat , putting pressure on JUPITER (the Liver) with the effect of Saturn ( the pituitary) and finally moving the rings from index finger to middle finger to finally rest on the ring finger. This shifts the conciousness hidden in the liver to the thymus ( EARTH).i.e they have reached earth after having completed the travails of evolution.

My goal has been the integration of conciousness, hence I use the particular stone which is causing maximum difficulty in the process of integration and then do KRIYA with it. Further over a period of time kriya should be completed and hence rings and stones transcended!As they are a play of the mind and mind has to be transcended finally to achieve gross zero, it implies that they are only a means to an end, a crutch and not the final goal.

I define the following for a right-handed male. Rings worn on the left hand usually denote sources from which the person is withdrawing resources. Rings worn on the right hand denote sources to which contributions are being made. Lockets worn around the neck denote that the person provides protection to that particular type of influence/planet/individuals.

Due to the system being considered a closed loop, usually very soon, giving should become receiving and vice versa. In case this does not happen then Kriya is to be done. This involves changing the same ring to the opposite hand, same finger. Usually changed once, every cycle of the moon.

Further any ring placed on the right hand, ring finger usually brings about a marriage or similar proposal from a person denoted by that planet. Over a period of time, the person becomes like the object placed on the right hand where as he becomes the opposite of the object placed on the left hand. Further the physiological relationship and the path of travel of the chunk from Angarika of/to the organs/planets seems to be more important than either aspects or placement in the horoscope except for close conjunctions.

Diamonds are compatible with venus/ sexual system. To be used preferably in gold.Are very powerfull and to be used with caution. Worn on the left hand, ring finger causes the person to become RAHU. Worn on the right hand, index finger stimulates the liver and the influence of Jupiter. On the right hand, ring finger causes the person to become the SUN mostly. Right hand, middle finger stimulates the pituitary/SATURN.

Red Coral stones are for mars. Represents the red blood corpuscules. Can be used in either gold, silver or copper. Placed on the right hand, ring finger the person usually becomes JUPITER. On left hand, ring finger becomes thymus/EARTH.

White Coral represents the thymus/EARTH and is usually placed only on the right hand or as a locket.

Iron rings and bracelets represent mars but over a period of use become representive of SATURN.

Yellow sapphires, Topaz ,white sapphires and stones with a predominance of yellow colour represent JUPITER /liver & spleen system. People searching for a GURU usually find this influence helpful. Usually placed on the right hand, index finger and results in the red blood corpuscules being terminated in the spleen leading to abhisekham of the jiva atman.

Rubies represent the SUN and should be normally placed only on the right hand or used as a locket in gold.

Emeralds and Green coloured stones can be used to advantage for MERCURY/Thyroid & para Thyroid glands. Preferred in gold, though silver is also used.Usually placed on little finger.

Pearls and moon stones are used for the Moon i.e Amaglyda, pineal and hypothalamus.

Set in gold the pearl represents Jupiter's moon and the amaglyda. Set in silver, it represents Saturn's moon and the Pineal gland.. the so called third eye. The moon stone represents the hypothalamus and to be used with caution! Pearls in gold on the right hand, ring finger usually place the person in the liver/ JUPITER. On the left hand, ring finger make him EARTH.

Blue sapphires, black and black green stones represent Saturn- pituitary. Usually placed on the right / left hand ,middle finger but can be used with success to capture the moon by rahu when placed on right hand,ring finger.

Orange coloured stones like gomedh and garnet are for Rahu- the upward track ie the spinal column. Cat's eye is used for Ketu-downward track ie the vagus nerve.

Using rings alone it will be quite difficult to transcend the mind completely, hence another way is to use Cat's eye on the left hand, middle finger and Red coral on the right hand, ring finger. This completes the loop while maintaining the individual in Jupiter., which is the final goal.