Astrology has long been a subject of perusal of human kind. It should be understood primarily as a study of the play of consciousness with regard to time. Wondering how the physical planets can affect us humans here on earth is the classical Newtonian way of looking at existence. The quantum mechanical view of probabilities, of a frequency spectrum defining the universe and the coexistence of innumerable potencies is a more realistic view and has been adopted by the hindus since time immemorial. That the individual packets (jivatmans) can be composed of many underlying different frequencies(samaskaras) yet being similar is a fact.

Sadhana achieving moksha or jivan mukhti is a process of nullifying the various individual propensities and creating a wholesome individual.Net zero is achieved by all people and that state is called death. Gross zero is the state called jivan mukhti.

It has been observed that events tend to repeat themselves with small modifications each time.Hence once the basic pattern has been understood it will be easy to predict the possible future. Here we are only concerned with the need to understand the process affecting us, so that a measure of control is gained, allowing us to achieve integration.

The concept of reincarnation makes it possible to understand this cycle of repetition. To understand this it is necessary to have a deeper understanding of the construction of the vehicle which is used by the jiva atman. As previously mentioned the physical body can be subdivided into different parts .The following table will clarify the issue:

S.No Hindu-Kosha Description Chakra/Loka Planet Gland Homeopathic Potency
1.   Causal Body Agnya/Satyam Saturn/Individual Star Pituitary C M
2.   Third Eye ???????/Tapaha Moon Pineal gland 50 M
3.   Higher mental body Visudhi/Janaha Mercury Thyroid 10 M
4.   T-cells ???????/?????? Earth Thymus 1 M
5.   Lower Consiousnes Anhata/Mahaha Sun Sun 200 C
6.   Lower mental body Manipura/Suvaha Jupiter Liver & Spleen 12X-30 C
7.   Astral Swadhistana/Buvaha Mars Adrenal 6X-6 C
8.   Etheric body&sperm Mooladhara/Bhur Venus Perineal body & Testes Q
9.   Upward track Sushmna Nadi Rahu Spinal Cord  
10.   Downward Track Soma Nadi Ketu Vagus Nerve  

There are many good books on astrology which give the details of the planets, constellations, sun signs etc and the various methods of correlating them. The advances made by Shri Krishnamurthi in his advanced stellar method (K.P method) are worthy of study. But few books mention the significant part played by the deceased planet Angarika and the thirteenth Constellation Oppichius – the snake bearer.

It is well known that the baby after conception goes through all the stages of evolution finally achieving the human form…but it is not a well recognized fact that the story of the solar system is also acted out in the individual's life.

It is believed that life first existed on the planet called Angarika..the debris which is the asteroid belt just after mars.When that planet exploded chunks were thrown far and wide. The influence is initially felt as a potential slowly developing into the target planet .i.e the chunk is portrayed first and as it reaches the planet, they become the planet. The passage is ruled by Rahu, Dragons head as it is the vehicle or track of the journey.

The planet called mercury today is but one large bit of this old planet. Due to its proximity to the Sun it is rounded. One side must be almost liquid while the face away from the sun would be solidifying. Is it suprising that mercury is called the dual planet? or that it deals with plurality? Revolutionaries of all hues are ruled by this influence! In the body, mercury is the thyroid/para thyroid gland, governing and maintaining the various feedback systems which sustain the body. Communication is their primary skill.

One bit hit the planet Venus and people ruled by this influence are connected with the artistic side of life. They are quite charismatic but not always honest. Physical beauty is also a feature of this influence. The desire for fast cars, expensive homes, romantic partners is deeply felt by these people! Ovaries, Testes and the perineal body are ruled by this planet.

The chunk which hit the planet earth must have destroyed all life on the planet, probably bringing in new DNA! The passage through the earth's atmosphere was terrifying and distressing! These people are usually involved in rash acts in their youth, which gets them into trouble, coloring their entire life. The thymus gland represents this aspect. A little guidance at the proper time will save them a lot of pain. People undergoing this stage who are distressed by the significant pain may also be emotionally and mentally disturbed. Once they manage it, they usually end up as government employees.

The chunk which hit the moon creates much havoc. These people are troubled by addictions of all kinds. This aspect usually deals with the hypothalamus.

The bit which landed in Jupiter is probably the reason for the red spot of the giant planet. These people become excellent managers and business men…accumulating a lot of wealth and power. Jupiter also keeps the remaining asteroid belt in check. This function is represented by the liver in the human body.The amaglyda is also under the influence of the liver!

The last significant bit hit the Saturn system. These people are deeply spiritual, hardworking and dedicated to their goals. Saturn's moon also represents the pineal gland. It also allows them to quickly bring the Pineal gland back into function. The pituitary gland , the home of the Jiva atman at present, is represented by this part.

Humanity is a tapestry involving various hues and colours. The people around us are the various threads making this colourful work of art. They represent the influence of the planets on us and can be correlated to the state of various nerve plexuses, organs in our body.

So the body can be understood to be a 'string of individuals' stretching from the sexual glands-venus to the pituitary-saturn. Each person we deal with is represented by some part within our own body. This is particularly evident when we travel in the inner worlds.

No matter how much one studies the relevant books on astrology, one does not become proficient in it unless one has activated the pineal gland after having cleaned it of the calcium deposits.