The practice of yoga has had a long and glorious history in India. The practice involves various asanas,bandhas,pranayamas and kriyas.The regular practice of surya namakaras is usually sufficient to maintain the inner sun glowing.But tratak and the practice of various concentrations leads to a very good control over ones emotional nature.Baba Ramdev is doing a yeoman service by popularizing the benefits of yoga leading to the masses showing a growing intrest in the correct practices.

Annual cleaning of the entire digestive track under the guidance of a trained yoga teacher is recommended for all round health and particularly sadhana.Holding up a small pot of water at shoulder height, with the arm extended out parallel to the body, applies tremendous pressure on the liver and spleen sufficient activity on their part being provoked by this simple exercise.Of course lycopodium and cinchona also can do the same! Simple exercises like this are usually required by all people to maintain the body functioning at its peak.The various asana and bandhas release pent up emotion and toxins from the body allowing a neutral flame to be maintained.the practice of hatha yoga is not really conducive to sadhana..raja yoga and a few well chosen asanas should suffice for a regular practioner.