It has been a well known principle that purification proceeds either by water or fire.The hindus have used this principal and convereted it into a daily practice and it is called agnihotra-the fire ritual and abhisekam-the bath of the idol. Done with a proper frame of mind lead to purification of the consciousness.But it would be appropriate to note that excesses in any form are to be abhorred.Again these when done at twilight are most effective!Doing it occasionally is not usually sufficient.Prefering to be content with the apparent slow progress is usually the mark of a wise man.

The hindus also have an elaborate procedure of fire ritual..involving a complicated procedure, requiring experts to perform them for the layman these rituals as prescribed in the various Vedas and Upanishads state that all possible results can be achieved by doing these sacrifices to the various deities .but are the deities capable of all the stated possibilities..then it makes me wonder why did the fall from Eden take place? Obiviously power itself is not the solution anserwring to ernest requests and appeals is definetly expected from the good deities but do they not have any personal agenda themselves? Are their intentions completely pure and aboveboard?

One man does a very sophisticated sacrifice annually,involving a continous homam for 28 days ,hundreds of litres of cow ghee and other articles as prescribed he makes a offering to all the 28 hindu asterkisms literally feeding them!It just makes me wonder what sort of malpractices are necessary to fund this extravagant display of fatherhood?!That to for a sanyasin! Lol.

Another dear man does agnihotra sunrise and sunset..but with just 4 small pieces of cowdung,one bit of camphor and one spoon of rice and ghee.Who is closer to the goal? there any doubt?

Agnihotra like many of these practices is a rigorous practice and leads to the burning up of material posseions very rapidly!.hence it is necessary to do both agnihotra and abhisekam sequentially.I personally find doing some amount of manual labour like cooking a small quantity of nutritious food, having a bath standing under flowing water till I urinate twice and then eating a reasonable quantity of the food I have cooked, during twilight minutes is all the kriya,abhisekam and agnihotra I need, for the purposes of sadhana!